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Game Desc: The Electrocardigram educational game and related reading are based on the 1924 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, which was awarded for the discovery of the electrocardiogram, ECG. - For what do we use ECG? - What does the mountains and valleys of the ECG curves stand for? - What can you find out about the heart with an ECG? - What is a cardiac infarction or a bundle branch block? ECG is used for recording the small electric waves being generated during heart activity, a simple way of diagnosing heart conditions. This game lets you explore the key elements of the electrocardiogram from how to place the electrodes on the body for measuring the heart beats to how to analyze the mountains and valleys in the ECG curve. You are to diagnose four patients – which one has got a normal heart condition, which one is suffering from arrythmia, bundle branch block or a cardiac infarction? For instructions on how to play the game, click on the HELP button found at the bottom of the game window.


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